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Do you know this man?

do you know this man

His name is Muhammad Abdur Rahman Shaykhna and he is living in Mauritania.

Shaykh Rami Nsour said about him:

“ma sha Allah. This man is a true zahid. I was told that he used to be a very wealthy merchant in Nouackchott selling cars. They said he would only wear expensive clothes and would purchase new clothes instead of washing his garments. Then he renounced the world. I spent a lot of time with him and the only things I saw him own where the clothes on his back, a water container for tahara, a staff and a copy of Dalail al khayrat in his pocket at all times. He does not have a house or even a blanket or pillow. He spends his time travelling in the desert and going from Murabit al Hajj’s school and Muhammad Zain’s school. Oh and I forgot one other thing I saw him own, a staff.”

May Allah preserves him! Ameen.