Is It Permissible for Women to Wear Heels?

Answered by Shahkh Rami Nsour

Question: Salaam Alaykum,

Could you please tell us if it is permissible for women to wear heels? I have read that since they make a noise when we walk, it attracts the attention of men which makes it impermissible. However, what if they do not make a noise when one walks. What is the ruling on it?

Answer: If the heels make noise and attract the attention of men when a woman walks, then it would not be permissible (haram). This is because Allah says, “And let them not stomp their feet to make known their adornment which has been concealed” [Quran 24:31]. This was in reference to ladies who would wear bangles and stomp to make a sound thereby attracting the attention of men.

If they do not make noise, there remains another issue. High heels are worn for attraction, and can accentuate the female body and movements. A recent study on high heels showed that both men and women find that high heels make a woman more attractive. See the following Huffington Post article:

Why Do High Heels Make Women More Attractive?

The style of dress and walk that a Muslim woman should adopt should be something that avoids attracting attention as much as possible. Sisters should try to emulate the model of the daughter of Shuayb (peace be upon him) who would later marry Musa (peace be upon him). About her, Allah said, “She came walking with modesty” [Quran 28:25].

Another wisdom that we find in women, and men for that matter, reducing the attention of others, is to prevent jealousy and evil eye. The more we stand out to others, the more that we put ourselves in a position to have them possibly feel jealous of us.

In conclusion, it is prohibited for a woman to wear high heels if they accentuate her form to others or if they cause a sound that would attract the attention of men. And Allah knows best.

Is It Permissible for Women to Wear Heels?

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