The Maliki View on Praying Eid and Janaza Prayers in a Masjid in a Non-Maliki Community

Answered by Shaykh Rami Nsour

Question: Our community prays both eid prayers within the mosque. Is this mandoob or makhruh like the janaza prayer?

(Also our community is majority Hanafi and all the janaza prayers take place inside the mosque [however the body remains outside]. I was unaware before Sheikh Rami’s lecture that it was makhruh to do so. Should I avoid praying the janaza prayers because it is makhruh or continue to do so?)


Eid in the Masjid

Prayer in the masjid for Eid is a disliked innovation if there is not a need. The Messenger of Allah (sal Alalhu alayhi wa sallam) never did it. The only exception to this is praying in Mecca at the Kaaba. A reason could include, rain, heat, fear of bandits, etc. (Dardir, Sharh al-Kabir)

Changing of the Ruling

If a masjid can go to a park or open space to pray then it would be makruh to pray in the masjid. If a valid reason is present, it would not be makruh to pray at the masjid. If your community has decided to pray at the masjid due to a need, then you can pray with them the Eid without it being disliked.


If you feel there is not a need, then you can pray Eid on your own and then join in the festivities with them. You can also choose to follow them in their opinion of praying at the masjid (Eid Prayer in a Masjid Behind a Shafi’i ). The important thing is to not isolate and marginalize yourself from the community while at the same time not compromising your practice.

Janaza in the Masjid

Janaza in the masjid is makruh if you can avoid it. If leaving the janaza or sitting while they pray will cause issues, then you can pray with them.

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