Biography | Shaykh Muhammad Haddamin

Shaykh Mohammed Haddamin Fahfu was born in Mauritania and raised in a scholarly environment in the presence of al-Murabit al-Hajj bin Fahfu (May Allah preserve him). He memorised the Quran before the age of ten – as is the custom in Mauritania – at the hands of his father Shaykh Haddamin. He then began his journey for knowledge through what is known as the Mahdara system in West Africa, where he studied under the great saint and scholar alMurabit al-Hajj and his own father Shaykh Haddamin. He studied a number of religious texts covering many different sciences in accordance with the Mahdara system. As such, he studied: ‘The Summary of Sheikh Khalil’, ‘The Text of Ibn Ashir’ and ‘The Summary of alAkhdari’ in Jurisprudence; ‘Maraqi al-Saood’ in Legal Principles; ‘Al-Alfiya of Ibn Malik’ in Arabic Grammar In addition, he studied other sciences such as Rhetoric and the Science of Hadith. Upon completing his studies, he taught at the school of al-Murabit al-Haj for over ten years. He also taught Jurisprudence and Legal Principles at Dar al-Mustafa (in Terim, Hadramawt) for a year. He was then appointed an Imam by the General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments in the United Arab Emirates and has held this role for eight years where he also delivered Friday sermons. He currently occupies the official position of Mufti for Abu Dhabi in the UAE.


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