Ibn Ḥajr al-Asqalānị on Imam Khalịl Ibn Ishaq al-Jundi and his Mukhtaṣar

Translated by Ustadh Muhammad Iqbal

1653: Khalịl bin Isḥāq bin Mūsā al-Mālikị known as al-Jundị was named Muḥammad given the title of Ḍiyā’ al-Dịn the light of the Dịn.

He heard [ḥadịth] from Ibn ‘Abdul-Hādị [‘Abdul Ghanị], read Arabic and Uṣūl to al-Rashidị and Mālkị fiqh to Shaykh al-Manūfị. Began to work after his Shaykh [al-Manūfị] produced a congregation, taught in the Shaykhūnịah gave fatwa and benefited, always dressed as a soldier. Very guarded oozed self-restraint. [He wrote] a six volume commentary on the Mukhtaṣar of Ibn al-Ḥājib profited from the commentary of Abdul Salām on it, added to it, accredited opinions and clarified what was in it of ambiguity. He [authored] a Mukhtaṣar in Fiqh beneficial, weaved on the mode of al-Ḥāwị [al-Kabịr]. I came across what he compiled as a reference of his Shaykh ‘Abdullah al-Manūfị which evidence’s his mastery in uṣūl. His father was Ḥanafị but who believed and adhered to Shaykh Abū Abdullah ibn al-Ḥājj and attached his son [to him] this was the cause of him becoming a Mālịki.

Shaykh Khalịl died in Rabị al-awwal 767 hijri.

Al-Durar al-Kāminah fị a’ayān al-mā’iah al-thāminah of Shaykh al-Islām Ibn Ḥajr al-Asqalānị died 852 hijri. 1993 Dār al-Jịl Beirut Lebanon. Vol 2 p86 

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