Takbirs During the Days of Eid al-Adha in the Maliki School

Answered by Shaykh Rami Nsour

Question: In the Maliki school, what is the legal ruling of reciting the takbirs? When do we begin reciting the takbirs and when does it end.  Also, how many times is it recited after each prayer?

Answer: The takbirs (saying “Allahu Akbar”) after the obligatory prayers done during the days of Eid al Adha are considered a recommended act (mandub) according to the Maliki school of thought.

The takbirs would be done after 15 obligatory prayers beginning with the dhuhr after the Eid al Adha prayer and ending with the subh (dawn) prayer of the fourth day of Nahr. The fourth day of Nahr is essentially the fourth day of Eid.

The way the takbirs should be stated is “Allahu akbar” three times after each of the 15 fard prayers. This formula is related in a Hadith. This is the narration that is found in the Mudawwana. There is another formula that is mentioned in the Mukhtasar of Ibn Abdul Hakam which is; Allahu akbar (twice), la illaha illa Allah (once), Allahu akbar (twice), wa lillahi hamd (once).

Both narrations are strong and can be followed. The narration of the Mudawwana is stronger. It would be disliked to add anything other than what has been narrated for the takbir formula.

[Hashiyatul Dasuqi ala Sharh al Kabir]

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