The Prostration of Recital (Sajda al-Tilawa) in the Maliki School – Ustadha Saira AbuBakr

Answered by Ustadha Saira AbuBakr

Question: How is the sajda of tilawah done (perform) in the Maliki School? What will a person do if it falls in the makruh times of prayer?

Answer: assalamu alaikum wa RahmatuAllah,

One says one takbir (Allahu Akbar) to go into prostration (sajda), performs one prostration, and then one takbir to come out of the sajda. There is no salam.

When the time nears the setting or the rising of the sun (the daruri times of asr and fajr respectively) one would skip the ayah of sajda. Note that there is only one sajda in Suratul Hajj and no sajdah in juz 30 according to the Maliki madhab.

Also, it is permissible to do sajda when the sun appears to be overhead (waqtul istiwa’ i.e. the time prior to the entrance of duhr).

There are a total of 11 sajdas in the Quran, per the Maliki madhab.

May Allah give you taufeeq,

Approved by Shaykh Rami Nsour

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