The Abridgment of al-Akhdari translated and commented by Shaykh Rami Nsour

بسم هللا الرحمن الرحيم

و صلى هللا على سيدنا محمد وآله وصحبه وسلم

1) The Abridgment of al-Akhdari – Fiqh 101: Prayer and Purification (Maliki Option) (Tayba Fiqh Series) (Volume 1)

Translated by Shaykh Rami Nsour

One of the most important endeavors that a Muslim will be concerned with is gaining knowledge on how to truly worship Allah and deal well with all creation. One of the main ways to do this is by accessing the texts that our righteous scholars have authored to assist in gaining this knowledge. Through their texts, they have laid down for us a clear path that will save us from the pitfalls of ignorance. They have codified the rules taken from the Qur’an and Sunnah in a way that makes it simple for anyone desiring to increase himself in knowledge to do so. One of the most important texts of this type is the book that is before you, The Abridgement (Mukhtasar) of Imam Al Akhdari. It is a beginning text of Islamic Jurisprudence (fiqh) that has been studied by countless students and teachers for the past several centuries. It is interesting that the author begins this text with a section on purification of the heart, which can be taken as a reminder that the most important endeavor we have to take on is the purification of our hearts. That purification requires us to work on both the outward laws and the inward laws. This text is part of a distance learning program developed by the Tayba Foundation to provide incarcerated men and women access to high quality education that will aid them in character development. Your purchase of this textbook helps support the Tayba Foundation’s El Hajj Malik El Shabazz Distance Learning Program.

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