I Want to Go Overseas and Study. What Should I Study as a Maliki?

The Question:

Salam alaikum Shaykh Suhaib,

I have only recently come across your lectures and writings but I benefit from them. Your knowledge of fiqh, and down-home wit, really is beneficial. You don’t come off dry. I have some questions about seeking ilm of Maliki fiqh. I have been struggling with my din and finances for years, one step forward, another back – but for years I have been moved to study ‘ilm and become an ‘Alim. A Moroccan brother recommended to me seeking independent non-government aligned Ulama in the Atlas mountains. He distrusts the madressas that are close to the Makhzan. Do you agree or disagree with this assessment?

My goals are to study and learn Murshid al-Muin, al-risala Ibn Abi Zaid, Mukhtassar Khalil, and then Mudawwana. What books in Mantiq, Sarf, and Hadiths would be part of a sound Maliki education?

Your brother in Islam,

The Answer:

Asalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

For a good understanding of al-Qayrawin I would recommend getting in contact with Sh. Abdullah Ali at Zaytuna and Lampost productions. He has a degree from there and could give you a good feeling for the place. My advice is to do both. The university system is not as bad as people think. At the same time, a true student of knowledge is going to put in work and sit with the scholars. I would say that both have pluses and minuses, so it is good to have access to both.

As for the Maliki School you are missing the most important book in the madhab:

Sharh al-Saghir of Sidi al-Dardi is seen my most scholars as more
important for the mufti than the mukhtasir of Imam al-Khalil. I would encourage you to get to that text by doing the following:

Matn Ibn Ashir [read both explanation of al-Mayarah]

Matn al-Ashmawiyah

Risalah of Abi Zaid

Sharh al-Saghir

Mukhtasar al-Khalil [explanations of al-Hatab and al-Dasuqi]

al-Bayan wa Tahsil [Ibn Rushd]

al-Dhakhira [al-Qarafi]



Muraqi Sudud

Jam’i al-Jawam’i with the explanation of Hululu al-Maliki



Qatra Nada

al-Nawu al-Wadi 2 volumes

Alfiyah tubnu Malik [Sharh Ibn al-Aqil then Aqrab al-Masalik]


Bina al-Af’al

Laymiya al-Afal [Explanation of Ibn Nadhim]


Balagha al-Wadiha

Matn al-Samarkandi

Bughya al-Idah


Maqamatu al-Hariri

M’alaqat al-Sab’i

The book of al-Mubarad


Sharh al-Sulam [al-Akhdari]

Sharh al-Quduri


The end of Matn ibn Ashir

Risalah al-Mustarshidin

Quwat al-Qulub

Risalah al-Qushayriyah

the Ihya

Qawa’id al-Tasawuf of Sidi Zaruq


Know dear brother, that your claim to be a serious student of knowledge means nothing if you have not memorized the book of Allah. Make that the first and the last of your aspirations.

1. Matn Tuhfatu al-Atfal

2. Matn al-Jazariyah

3. Matn al-Shatibiyah

May Allah make you from the scholars.


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