Prohibitions of the Tongue with Shaykh Rami Nsour (April 2015 @ Ibrahim Khalilullah Islamic Center – Fremont, CA)


Prohibitions of the Tongue

Shaykh Rami Nsour

The tongue is unlike any other organ. A simple word can establish a marriage, or tear a family apart. This course is designed for anyone who wants to gain practical knowledge, develop a relationship with one of our local scholars and meet others on the same spiritual path.

Term: April 14 – April 28, 2015
Instructor: Shaykh Rami Nsour
Topic: Prohibitions of the Tongue
Time: Tuesdays, 7:00-9:00pm
Where: Ibrahim Khalilullah Islamic Center – Women’s Prayer Hall
43140 Osgood Drive
Fremont, Ca. 94539

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