Tayba Foundation needs your help!!!

Message from Tayba Foundation:

As salamu alaykum Tayba supporters.

We are gearing up for our 2015 Spring semester. We have nearly 400 students registered and sending out applications to 70 more on our waiting list. We will be printing a lot of the course material in the coming months. We have two black&white printers and one color for our in-house production of the material. We currently are in need of sponsors to help us purchase two multipacks of toner ($159 each). You can either purchase it directly and have it shipped to us or donate online and we will purchase it. http://www.suppliesoutlet.com/HP-641A-Toner-Ca…/ch4600vb.htm

You can go to https://taybafoundation.nationbuilder.com/one-time_donation and make your donation for this. jazakallah. May you get all the reward of this as it is used to facilitate education in the prisons. Ameen

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