Do you want help Muslim inmates? Tayba Foundation needs your help!

 tayba foundation volunteer

Assaalamalaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu,

Do you want to help the Muslim inmates in prison who wish to seek traditional Islamic sciences?

Would you like a way to help out and at the same time learn your religion?

Some of our Muslim brothers and sisters in prison cannot receive CDs nor cassettes to study. That is why Tayba Foundation and Shaykh Rami Nsour are seeking volunteers to transcribe some of their audio commentaries into text.

Our aim is to transcribe the following courses taught and commented by Shaykh Rami into a Word document:

–      Prohibitions of the tongue

–      Aqeeda Tahawiyya

By helping us, you will provide Muslim inmates with the means to learn their deen (religion) correctly.

If you are interested in transcribing, please contact us by email:

For more information about Tayba Foundation, visit their website:

or watch the documentary “The Forgotten Believers”:

May Allah reward you for your help!

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