The importance of serving one’s teacher – Imam Khalil Ibn Ishaq & Shaykh Rami Nsour

In his translation of  imam Zanurji ‘s book “taleem al muta’allim” (“How to Study Islam – ADAB 100”), Shaykh Rami Nsour report a beautiful story:

There is an amazing story about serving one’s teacher that I heard of when studying the Mukhtasar of Khalil which is written by Khalil ibn Ishaq (1). The Mukhtasar is the foremost references in the Maliki school. Ahmed Baba AI Timbukti narrates that Ibn Ghazi said, “It has been narrated that one day he [meaning Khalil] came to the house of one of his shuyukh. He found that the toilet in the house was open and he did not find the shaykh in the house. Khalil asked about this was told, ‘The matter of this toilet is bothering him and so he went to hire someone to clean it.’ Khalil said, ‘I should be the one to clean it.’ He then proceeded to roll up his sleeves and went down into the toilet area to clean it. The shaykh returned and saw him in that state and the people were all around him looking at him in amazement of what he was doing. The shaykh said, ‘Who is this?’ To which they replied, ‘Khalil.’ The shaykh was very impressed by that and spent a lot of time making du’a for him because of his talent and sincere intention. Khalil gained the blessing of that du’a and Allah placed blessing in his life.”

Source: “How to Study Islam – ADAB 100”


(1): Khalil ibn Ishaq al-Jundi (died ca. 1365) was an Egyptian jurisprudent in Maliki Islamic law who taught in Medina and Cairo. His Mukhtasar, known as the “Mukhtasar of Khalil”, is considered an epitome of shariah law according to the Maliki madhhab, and is regarded as the most authoritative legal manual by North and West African Muslims. (Source: Wikipedia)

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