Does a Breastfeeding Woman Need to Change Her Clothes If Filth Gets on Them in Maliki Fiqh

Question: If a woman is breastfeeding and her child’s vomit or urine, etc. gets on her clothes, does she need to change her clothes? It is very difficult for her to constantly change her clothes multiple times a day.

Imam Khalil says in his Mukhtasar that a breastfeeding woman does not have to change her clothes affected by filth in order to pray but it is recommended for her to keep a separate outfit to pray in. The filth is forgiven with a condition: that she actively tries to keep it off of her clothes. If she is careless on purpose, then it is not forgiven and she must change her clothes to pray.

And Allah knows best.

Written by Uthman Qureshi


Mukhtasar Khalil:

وعفي عما يعسر… وثوب مرضعة تجتهد وندب لها ثوبللصلاة

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