Qunut Supplication: Audibly or Inaudibly? – Group du’a, dhikr, and Qur’anic recitation (Maliki school)

How should we make the qunut supplication? Why did Imam Malik (ra) oppose group dhikr?

Shaykh Abdullah provides a brief answer in his response to the following question about Qunut


When making the qunut for a peril is it required that the du’a is said out loud with the hands raised? Are only our qunuts said silently? Also, when joining the Imam in the second rakat of Isha, do I make the tashahhuds with him? I am very grateful to Allah to have your assistance. May He reward you with good
Ma Salaama


In the view of Imam Malik, the only time hands are to be raised for du’a is during the prayer for rain. Group dhikr and du’a is
considered to be disliked in our madhhab even though a great many Maliki scholars have taken the view of the majority that it is permissible in both cases. Part of the rationale is that anytime du’a is done publicly one runs the risk of it not being sincere. For that reason, Imam Malik disliked group du’a, dhikr, and Qur’anic recitation; also, because it wasn’t the norm in Medina during his time. Other than that, it is recommended to say the qunut du’a inaudibly in our school, although it is permissible to say it audibly.

was Salam

Shaykh Abdullah Bin Hamid Ali

source: http://www.lamppostproductions.com/qunut-supplication-audibly-or-inaudibly/

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