Conditions of Jumu’a Khutba – Shaykh Abdullah Bin Hamid Ali


Could you tell me what are the conditions of the khutbayn in order for them to be valid for the jum’ah?


The traditional conditions for the validity of the khutba in the School of Malik are the following:

1- that they be done while the Imam is standing,
2- that they be done after the sun has passed the meridian,
3- that they fulfill what the Arabs customarily consider to be a khutba like for the Imam to say:

“Fear Allah in what He has commanded and desist from what He has forbidden rebuked..”,

4- that they be delivered inside the masjid,
5- that they be delivered before the salaat is performed,
6-that at least 12 men who are sane and at the age of puberty are in attendance,
7- that the Imam delivers them audibly, and
8- that that they be delivered in Arabic.

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