Do Injections Break The Fast in Maliki Fiqh?

Question: Do injections break the fast?

Maliki ulema differ on whether or not injections break the fast. Some say it does not because the fluid from the injection does not reach the stomach. Others say it does if it provides nourishment. The opinions seem to be built on what is said about oiling the head because it is one of the few cases mentioned in classical fiqh where particles enter the body through a non-standard channel and have some effect on it without reaching the stomach. Ibn Ul Hājib says “Oiling the head does not require making up the fast and it is said it does if it provides nourishment.” “It is said” is a phrase used to indicate the weakness of an opinion. Khalīl agreed and said in the Tawdīh “This indicates that the dominant opinion is that oiling the head does not require making up the fast even if it provides nourishment.”

Based on this, the stronger opinion is that no injection (even if it is nourishing and assuming nothing reaches the stomach) invalidates the fast and requires making it up.

In all cases it would be better to avoid if possible and especially so if it could lead to fatigue or temporary sickness (like flu vaccines often do) that would lead someone to break the fast.

And Allah knows best.

Written by Tariq Patanam.

Checked & approved by Shaykh Rami Nsour.

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