Is it Disliked to Make ‘Umrah More Then Once a Year? – Shaykh Abdullah Bin Hamid Ali


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Question: As Salamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullah,
In Al-‘Izziyyah it mentions that making ‘umra once a year is desirous act whereas making ‘umra more than once is disliked. Now does this apply to someone living outside of the city of Makkah, Ta’if or is this a general ruling?
Answer: The dislike of performing ‘umrah more than once in a year is general and not specific for people outside of Mecca. It being disliked doesn’t mean it is haram as you know. Imam Shafi’i was of the view that it is recommended to repeat it more than once in a year. I imagine the reason for the dislike in the madhhab has much to do with the fact the Prophet himself, Allah’s mercy and peace on him, only made ‘Umrah four times in his life. The second reason could be because “familiarity breeds contempt” whereas we want to maintain a sense of the deep sacredness of the place in our hearts. And Allah knows best.
Was Salam

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